CFS Funspark Arena Asian Cup announcement


Hello Crossfire Esports fans worldwide!
As the form of esports had diversified, CFS HQ adopted an online tournament from 2021. We have successfully hosted CFS INVITATIONAL ONLINE EUMENA and America division recently. To make the online CFS Esports ecosystem more diverse, we are planning to hold the CFS Funspark Asian Cup with the cooperation of ARENA, a prospective esports brand and Tencent gaming.
The official name of tournament is CFS Funspark Arena Asian Cup and please refer to below for more details.
‘An Asian joint tournament of online CFS esports’
4 teams from China CFPL, 2 teams from Vietnam CFEL and 2 teams from Philippines will participate to the field of competition. Group stage from July 28th to August 2nd will offer fierce competitive sports experience to Crossfire Esports fans. Two teams with the highest standing in the groups will proceed to the semifinals from August 3rd to 5th and compete against each other in double-elimination format (BO5).
The prize pool of the CFS Funspark Arena Asian Cup is 150,000 RMB (23,000 USD). All the matches will be broadcasted live on various live broadcasting platforms. Do not forget to watch the journey of players to the Asian Crossfire throne.
<CFS Funspark Arena Asian Cup>
Schedule: July 28th– August 5th, 2021
Participating teams: 4 teams from China CFPL, 2 teams from Vietnam CFEL and 2 teams from Philippines
  • Group stage: BO3, Round Robin
  • semi-finals: BO5, Double-elimination
Prize pool: Total prize of 150,000 RMB (23,000 USD)
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