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Team w0w was formed in early 2015 and attended their first LAN event in California for WCA NA. After an upsetting defeat by Carbon in the finals, they went on to also place 3rd in CFS 2015 qualifier, a devastating loss for a team expected to win the entire event.
The team is a very young team that has an aggressive play style bringing teams to their knees. Although the team is young, the team is made up of former ACE Gaming players, AYRIN and Req who are Crossfire veterans. To finish the lineup we have zlj as one of the top entry fraggers, coda as an indispensable support player and our youngest but solid clutcher, michaeldrk. The team has their eyes set on becoming world champions.

3rd place – CFS 2015 NF 1st place – CFS 2016 NF

CFS 2016   Record


Team Point Attack Point Win Lose Kill Death Headshot Round
1 1 0 2 82 118 37 28
CFS 2016   Match Results
2016-12-03 10:40 CFS 2016 Group B Loser Match
2016-12-02 13:40 CFS 2016 Group Stage B Match2